The Ministry of Public Security outlines how to overcome problems when registering an electronic identity account

After people responded to difficulties registering Digital identity accounts, the Ministry of Public Security said it would overcome it by adding equipment and technology to better serve people.

In the face of many people reflecting on the registration of Digital identity accounts encountering some problems such as error system, related to passwords … These errors directly affect the inability of people to register an account.

In addition, some other errors people reflect when using Digital identification accounts such as: People have made Digital identifiers but when activated, the software still reports “unidentified”; many people activate VNEID with a level 2 identity account but in the application do not display information fields such as driver’s license, health insurance card …

In response to the above issue, a representative of the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06 – Ministry of Public Security) said that to overcome the above situation, the unit will review the process of acquisition and registration. At the same time, research and supplement infrastructure and technology to better serve people in registering Digital identity accounts.

C06 information, currently, when citizens go to register Digital identification accounts at police agencies, need to integrate documents into Digital identity accounts, the police will collect records and send data to data management agencies such as social insurance,  Directorate of Roads, Traffic Police Department… to verify the information of citizens’ documents.

According to C06: “If the citizen’s document information is verified by the management units as true, the correct will be returned to the identification system and displayed on the VNEID application. If the information is wrong or incorrect, it will not be displayed on the VNEID application.”

To register an identity account:

  1. Registration of level 1 Digital identification accounts via VNElD application for persons who already have chip-mounted citizen identification:

– Step 1: Use a mobile device to install the VNElD application.

– Step 2: Access VNElD, enter personal identification number, phone number or email; provide information according to the instructions on the application; collect portraits and submit requests for account offers.

– Step 3: The Digital identity management agency notifies the account registration results via VNElD, SMS or email.

  1. Registration of level 2 Digital identity accounts:

+ For citizens who already have a chip-mounted citizen identity card

– Step 1: Citizens go to the police of communes, wards, towns or places to carry out procedures for issuing citizen identity cards to carry out procedures for issuing Digital identity accounts; follow the instructions of police officers.

– Step 2: Functional officers enter the information provided by citizens into the Digital identification and authentication system; take portrait photos, take fingerprint samples of citizens to authenticate with the citizen identity database and confirm the consent to register to create an identity account.

– Step 3: The Digital identity management agency notifies the account registration results via VNElD, SMS or email.

In case the citizen does not have a chip-mounted citizen identification card, the police agency will issue a level 2 Digital identification account along with issuing a citizen identification card.