DevOps Consulting

Is It Time to Turn to DevOps Consulting?

DevOps consulting may be the answer if you feel concerned about:

  • Differences in the configurations of development, testing and production environments.
  • The slow manual process of providing new IT infrastructure.
  • Time-consuming infrastructure modifications, software updates and bug fixing.
  • The lack of collaboration between the teams (development, testing, system administration, and security) resulting in a slow software delivery and low software quality.
  • Post-release errors affecting user or customer experience or business operations.
  • A slow and inefficient testing process due to insufficient test automation.

DevOps Services by WeCloud

End-to-end DevOps implementation consulting

We can help you leverage connected and automate development, testing and deployment of your applications at any stage of your apps’ life cycle by:

  • Applying the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach.
  • Applying app module containerization.
  • Setting up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Introducing test automation.
  • Introducing automated application monitoring.

DevOps launch consulting

  • Carrying out strategic planning.
  • Developing a detailed DevOps implementation roadmap.
  • Upskilling your team in DevOps tools and ways of working.
  • Assisting in the DevOps solution setup.

DevOps project recovery consulting

Our experienced recovery team helps:

  • Find and fix collaboration problems between development, testing and operations teams.
  • Identify and fill in knowledge gaps in DevOps tools and methodologies.
  • Cope with technical problems (e.g., CI/CD configuration errors).
  • Optimize the automated testing coverage, and more.

DevOps tech consulting

  • Choosing, installing and configuring the right tools for an efficient DevOps environment.
  • Upskilling your team in the DevOps techs used.