WeCloud provides solutions to monitor and operate IT infrastructure using Zabbix products.

Unlimited scalability

From monitoring your smart home to multi-tenant enterprise environments – Zabbix is scalable to any infrastructure.

Distributed monitoring

Deploy and scale a distributed Zabbix infrastructure from a central Web UI with native encryption support between all the components.

Secured and safe

Keep your sensitive information secure by storing it in an external vault

High availability

Ensure 24/7 uptime and negate the risk of data loss for your Zabbix infrastructure with Zabbix high availability solution.


Monitor whatever you want – Zabbix comes with many ways to collect data, transform it, analyze and visualize it

Partner and vendor-backed

Backed by 250+ global partners and multiple external vendors, Zabbix delivers enterprise-level monitoring and support to customers all over the globe.

High integration with existing systems


Zabbix offers a wide range of professional services designed to fit the needs, requirements and complexity of a client’s own business.
By using Zabbix Professional Services, customers will find answers and solutions in the shortest possible time and be sure that these answers and solutions are correct.



The ability to apply Zabbix to the fields

Zabbix Solution in Government

The key reason, why monitoring is such an essential process for the governmental ministries, is because it enables to do more with less funding. Zabbix Monitoring Solution helps to solve the toughest management problems in IT network, as well as to simplify IT infrastructure, which decreases the technical infrastructure maintenance costs. In the governmental sector, monitoring and data evaluation is the key to management performance and strategic management.
Each year the public services are becoming more oriented towards the online resources and opportunities, so the Governmental sector is now very much dependent on providing availability and good performance of these services. Monitoring process has now become an essential process for all governmental and public institutions, enabling to ensure the stability and continuous work of provided services online.

Possible uses of Zabbix

  • Monitoring of the availability and performance of different public programs/projects and online resources
  • Automatic reporting to the public/community about any collected data
  • Monitoring of availability of utility services, public transportation services, lighting, and many other public services

Proven Benefits

  • Solution that performs well on the large deployments and does not require significant investments (neither the initial nor later)
  • High level of performance, simplicity, application possibilities, and easy to use
  • Increase in effectiveness of budget expenditures by providing precise and accountable data on how public resources/funds are used
  • Assistance in justification of investments/expenditures


Zabbix Solution in Banking & Finance

Nowadays information systems and applications are the heart and soul of the Banking and Finance industry, fuelled by powerful hardware and robust software. Minutes of downtime here are calculated in thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

End-user experience depends on performance and availability of many layers of the infrastructure, such as hardware, network devices, system software, user applications. All these levels are integrated and heavily depend on availability of other resources.

Possible uses of Zabbix

A simple use of an ATM machine to withdraw cash within the same bank involves:

  • Availability of ATM machine as a hardware, including power supply and work of mechanical and electronic elements of ATM
  • Availability of ATM machine as a software to interact with a customer, including input of the requested amount and PIN validation
  • Availability of cash in ATM
  • Availability of ATM management application to route requests
  • Availability of network to deliver authorisation request from ATM to the bank and response from the bank to ATM
  • Availability of a card management system or a module to check the status of a debit card involved in the transaction
  • Availability of a core banking system to respond to the authorisation request and the requested debit amount from the account
  • Not to forget proper conditions in the data centres, availability of IT hardware, performance of OS, database, general purpose software and applications, such as firewall, backups and many other elements of payment and IT infrastructure

Proven Benefits

  • To collect and store performance and availability information from all hardware and software elements used in the financial industry
  • To process millions of checks per minute, considering very complex dependencies between different elements of infrastructure
  • To work with distributed architecture, including remote offices, branches, ATM
  • To analyse user experience 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
  • To report and notify specific people within departments about any issues or malfunctions

This is just a very simple representation of the process, where only the availability of all involved elements will result in delivery of positive experience to the customer, whereas the failure of one element of the chain will result in denial of the service and an unsatisfied end-user.

Zabbix Monitoring Solution can monitor tens of thousands of devices and applications associated with your banking IT infrastructure and system in general to detect and notify if there is a problem or any early signs of a system crash or slow-down.


Zabbix Solution in Retail

Most of processes in the Retail industry are automated and performed using sophisticated applications such as ERP or similar which enable to efficiently manage warehouse. logistics. order placement and processing, inventory and stock, finances and accounting processes, on-line sales (web shops) and many other parts of the retail business. These applications in many cases deliver a competitive edge to retailers, while any delays or time shifts in product delivery or non-intelligent inventory management result in financial and reputational losses. Besides. there is a plenty of retail specific equipment such as POS terminals, heating and cooling devices. labelling and scanning tools that need constant monitoring to ensure smooth operations of the retail processes.

Zabbix Monitoring Solution is able to deliver an all-in-one tool to monitor different applications, metrics, processes and equipment, providing a complete picture about availability and performance of all components that make retail business successful.

Possible uses of Zabbix

  • Control and monitoring of operations for all equipment
  • Automation of system’s functionalities
  • Alarming if any involved unit is broken or damaged
  • Notification in case of delays or time shifts
  • Automation of store openings and closings
  • Monitoring of cash machines
  • Notification if cash volume is exceeded in certain cash machines
  • Monitoring of access system log entries

Proven Benefits

  • Due to solution flexibility Zabbix can be easily integrated into existing business processes
  • Availability of filtering and sorting data, according to the company’s needs
  • The transparency of processes
  • Control over all processes involved
  • Ability for past evaluation, according to recorded historical data
  • Time and cost saving
  • Improved performance
  • Assurance that an authorized person is notified on any extraordinary cases, emergencies and errors in the system
  • Transparency of monitored processes and systems


Zabbix Solution in IT & Telecommunications

The key to success of IT and Telecommunication services is the assurance that services are delivered to the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Precisely, effective and efficient monitoring is a must requirement in these environments that will: monitor the entire network, troubleshoot problems, control excellence of service delivery to customers, notify agents on any detected errors and problems and point out the affected system area/ customer, to ensure rapid recovery. All of these aspects and many others are the fundamentals for IT & Telecommunication companies, if their aim is to be successful and trusted for the customers.

Possible uses of Zabbix

  • Monitoring of the systems in data center as well as systems for company’s clients
  • Monitoring of large and expanding WISP network of servers, WiFi infrastructure and users
  • Tracking of customers’ servers; ability to use maintenance free proxy servers to monitor customers’ networks
  • Monitoring of day-to-day metrics like disk space, the status of websites, and the availability of key services
  • Monitoring everything from errors on switch ports to connection pool utilization In Java application servers
  • Continuous monitoring of all areas ranging from network and routing topology to server hardware through to processes and backups

Proven Benefits

  • Consolidated monitoring solution for all alarming and performance related information
  • Excellent flexibility and scalability
  • Great stability
  • Alerting on “situations unique” to a “specific issue”
  • Very easy In Implementation, use and customization
  • Unfettered conceptual freedom during the implementation phase
  • Easy to configure and update due to many existing resources explaining how or where to tune or fix problems
  • Easily monitors any type of vendor or device
  • Custom graphs, the maps feature, and latest data
  • Included functionality Is sufficient to monitor almost any server and network device
  • The ability to expand Zabbix quickly into other situations to
  • Ability to fix problems before the customer even becomes aware of their existence;
  • Extensive information for decision making in solving problems or bottlenecks in the networks;
  • Active support forums, trigger
  • Possibility to automate the processes


Zabbix Solution in Education

Universities, institutes and schools are on the leading edge of technology development and introduction into many different industries. Advance of technology today requires an enormous amount of resources, including extensive IT infrastructures.

Ongoing financial constraints in the public sector constantly challenge educational institutions to find inexpensive, but effective ways to deliver high quality monitoring applications and services. Zabbix open-source monitoring solution can be implemented and used by anyone for free, and yet provide even very demanding customers with broad variety of functions and features.

Possible uses of Zabbix

  • Monitoring all devices (e.g. computers) simultaneously
  • Alarm on any data loss in the IT system
  • Identify internal system abusers and display their user names and host IP address
  • Integrating Zabbix for institution’s physical, virtual, and cloud environments into one central management console, so everyone in the organization has centralized access to the required information and sources
  • Monitoring of internet sources and channels used by students and personnel
  • Monitoring of IT systems for Intellectual Property (IP) protection purposes and notification if such information was spread outside permitted resources
  • Early notification of possible viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other transmitters of system infection
  • Monitoring of attendance system for educational institutions, where electronic ID cards are used

Proven Benefits

  • Increase the stability of information technology infrastructure and services operated by an organization
  • Opportunity to organize proactive problem detection and resolution
  • Availability of support application with comprehensive backup and recovery tools
  • Ensuring that IT systems provided to students and personnel are used properly and for legitimate purposes
  • Early notification of possible IP loss or copy
  • Ensuring proper use of institution’s IT systems by involved users
  • Reduction of manual work and saving of human resources
  • Usage of recorder statistics