Cloud assessment

To make a good decision whether migrating to the cloud is the best choice whether to move to the cloud, you need to evaluate all the steps. This is the definition of costs and risks, migration, optimization for your business. The right way to do this is an assessment cloud. Successful cloud migration is about knowledge of cloud technologies and a connection with the study of understandable technologies and practices.

A high level of cost-benefit analysis

Our team conducts financial audits for projects. Analyzes the degree of benefits to understand the financial value of cloud computing.

Detailed migration roadmap

We create a specific cloud migration plan, perform a cloud conversion load assessment, design a detailed application migration plan, as well as their relevance to specific services. Experts optimize migration and ensure the safety of the transition, taking into account cost.

Identify business applications that are most relevant to the cloud

Experts conduct a comparative analysis of your applications and cloud services. The best ones are selected for efficient uninterrupted operation in terms of the ratio of characteristics.

The integration shows that hybrid data and the cloud position themselves as a single location

The core value of hybrid cloud and cloud data is to support the rapid transition to digital business.
Your enterprise may need a combination of public, private clouds, and enterprise resources
to gain flexibility.