IT Strategy Consulting


IT strategy consulting is hearing your business challenges and goals, and creating a proper IT enablement plan. We work with IT strategies that bring together a diversified IT landscape, support existing business processes and drive new business initiatives.

WeCloud’s Approach to IT Consulting


Doing the right IT 

We don’t introduce new technologies just to make your company “modern”: the primary aim is to bring noticeable business outcomes with IT.

Doing IT right

We optimize IT services to make them more reliable and cost-effective and help introduce new IT services fast.

What the IT Strategy Includes


Business-IT alignment plan

Reinforcing business processes with IT and introducing new digital business models, if needed.

IT operating model

Introducing a more mature IT operating model to improve operational efficiency.

IT sourcing plan

Covering skill gaps at an optimal cost. We segment your IT needs and determine which functions are better to be implemented in-house or outsourced to a single or multiple providers.

Application integration plan

Expanding end-to-end automation, avoiding functionality duplication and introducing changes at speed required by the business needs:

  • Assessing existing IT infrastructure, its needs and constraints.
  • Eliciting and prioritizing your integration requirements.
  • Selecting an integration model and a fitting technology stack.
  • Designing a tailored integration architecture and secure infrastructure.

IT service reliability and application performance management enhancement

  • Reviewing the current IT infrastructure state to detect and localize anomalies.
  • Introducing improvements in application performance management: from the process of problem detection and alerting to the process of prevention and reporting.

Data quality plan (for business-critical IT systems)

  • Implementing data governance procedures.
  • Designing key metrics to control data quality.
  • Handling data duplicates, inconsistencies, and outliers.

IT security and compliance plan

  • Application security (web, mobile, and desktop).
  • Network protection.
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards (PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA)