IT Operations Consulting


Operations consulting will help you streamline production or service execution and reduce related costs. The services of WeCloud cover technical design of operations management software and, if required, its implementation and continuous support.

We deliver operations management software that helps:
Improve decision-making by enabling high visibility into operational workflows. Reduce risks of operations bottlenecks by monitoring operations and related risks in real time.
Reduce reporting latency due to automated analysis of operational data. Raise machinery efficiency due to automated equipment maintenance management.
Reduce inventory costs by monitoring inventory levels and sending automated alerts for replenishment. Improve workflow coordination between operations functions thanks to collaboration tools.
Improve resource utilization with minimized risks of over- or underutilization.

For production operations management

Operations optimization

with AI recommendations drawn from historical operations data and what-if scenario modeling (to balance production load across plants, compare different versions of a production schedule, etc.).


Inventory and warehouse management

for reduced inventory costs and streamlined workflows (automated inventory tracking, order picking routing, etc.).

Sales and purchase order management

for a facilitated order creation, approval and tracking.

Workforce management

for simplified workforce scheduling and reporting.

Production quality control

for improved quality and regulatory compliance of production outputs.

For service operations management

Service planning and resource management

to meet the customer demand, maximize resource utilization and improve service execution.

Project management

to accurately plan project budget, time and human resources, monitor project health and manage change requests.

Time and expense management

to simplify time and expense tracking and streamline approvals for timesheets and expense claims.

Service document management

for a quick document search and facilitated document creation.

Supply management

with supply levels tracking and easy replenishment to avoid out-of-stock situations.