Digital platform helps Da Nang people carry out administrative procedures online conveniently

When using online public services, Da Nang people do not need to re-declare, or have to submit additional documents already in their database on the My Portal digital citizen platform. My Portal digital citizen platform solution has just won the Da Nang People’s Committee the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2022 in the category “Excellent digital transformation state agency”. The implementation of the platform has also been introduced to ministries, branches and localities by the Ministry of Information and Communications, a permanent department of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, as a good experience in improving the efficiency of providing and using high-level online public services. Information with VietNamNet, a representative of Da Nang Department of Information and Communications said that the My Portal digital citizen platform is a solution implemented by a technology enterprise in Da Nang, SDT Company, in a “tailor-made” method for the city. Da Nang has officially put into use the My Portal digital citizenship platform from mid-September 2022. The platform has a web version at addresses, and has been integrated on the DaNang Smart City application. My Portal digital citizen platform is a place to collect, store and provide digital citizen records (administrative information, digital papers/data, transaction history associated with unique identifiers) and integrate digital services from authorities and businesses for people to use public services easily,  facilitation through the inheritance of previous information / data, using services over the network completely in the direction of personalization. In particular, people can self-manage their information and digital data on the platform. The My Portal platform currently offers a number of features to citizens: registering for a digital citizen account; services and utilities of government agencies such as performing online public services, commenting/reflecting, registering calendars or scheduling medical examination and treatment/transactions of administrative records; services and utilities from enterprises such as looking up electricity and water information, looking up health information, education, tax, social insurance; manage digital citizen records such as digital data warehouses, record transaction history. To use, people only need to install the DaNang Smart City application or access the website address on a mobile device, then register a digital citizen account. After creating an account, each citizen has 1 unique QR code according to national standards, representing encrypted information, for people to use in online public service transactions. People’s information will be secured according to the 4-layer model prescribed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, verifying login through OTP security solution, helping people feel secure about managing their electronic citizen data. In order to promote the process of forming a digital citizen to develop digital government, digital economy and digital society, Da Nang city has applied the platform deployment in 2 groups. In particular, the city requested agencies, organizations, wards and communes to request their cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees to use the Digital Citizen Platform to register new or update information and data of digital citizen records for themselves and their family members. As for people, businesses, People’s Committees of districts, wards and communes are required to focus on implementation, especially through the Community Digital Technology Team. Members of the Community Digital Technology Team directly guide and support people in the area to register new or update information and data of digital citizen profiles and use them in their daily lives. Every month, the agencies statistics the results to provide and report to the Steering Committee for digital transformation of Da Nang city. As of September 27, the My Portal platform had more than 242,732 digital citizen accounts, 4,886 accounts using services and utilities and provided 1,837 online public services, 25 utilities, 321 notifications for people to use. Particularly in terms of deploying online public services, Da Nang city is providing 1,745 online public services level 4, reaching 100% of eligible public services up to level 4; the proportion of online public services with online records reached 82% and the rate of applications processed online reached 62%. With the official operation of the My Portal digital citizen platform, Da Nang is one of the first localities to set up its own data warehouse for each citizen. The types of digital data updated and stored on the system include personal documents such as identity cards, citizen identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates … and the component documents when people submit public service procedures and the results of public service settlement. As a result, when using online public services, people in Da Nang city no longer have to re-declare, or submit more documents already in the data warehouse. This is considered a good solution to improve the quality and efficiency in providing online public services to serve the people; aiming to form a digital population, develop a digital society in the city. Source: Digital platform to help Da Nang people conveniently use online public services (