Security information and event management

Originally designed as a tool to assist organizations with compliance and industry-specific regulations, security information and event management (SIEM) is a technology that has been around for almost two decades. It combines security information management (SIM) with security event management (SEM) and provides the foundation for cybersecurity threat detection capabilities. SIEM technology helps to manage security incidents through the collection and analysis of log data, security events and other event or data sources. Security operations center (SOC) analysts use SIEM tools to manage security incidents, and detect and respond to potential threats quickly.

According to Gartner, businesses looking for SIEM today need the solution to collect security event logs and telemetry in real time for threat detection, incident response and compliance use cases, with the ability to analyze the telemetry to detect attacks and other flagged activities. SIEMs also provide the ability to investigate incidents, report on activities, and store the relevant events and logs.

SIEM solutions help security teams to:

  • Collect, enrich and store data
  • Apply correlation and analytics
  • Investigate and mitigate threats
  • Provide data insights and reporting

WeCloud provides SIEM solutions such as: