Smart Delivery Vietnam 2023

Smart Delivery Vietnam 2023 is a unique event in Vietnam, focusing on the transportation and shipping sector for the postal, parcel, e-commerce and retail industries. This exhibition will showcase key technologies, innovations, software and solutions to manage business operations more effectively, from storage, supply chain management, order selection and packaging. goods to the delivery process. All of this goes towards creating seamless omnichannel operations and improving customer experience. This event also creates a good opportunity for businesses participating in the exhibition to meet partners and buyers from e-commerce companies, retail companies, and comprehensive packaging and delivery services. door-to-door delivery units, as well as businesses in the postal, parcel and freight sectors. In addition, this also provides the opportunity to connect with partners in the transportation and supply chain management industry in a short period of just 2 days. Provides opportunities to create professional relationships with customers and expand partnerships, through connection and interaction activities within the delivery network.