1. How does ransomware attack ESXi vulnerabilities? How will the subjectivity of virtualization infrastructure managers affect security issues?
  2. How to improve security for VMware vSphere, and VCenter with MFA?
  3. How to improve security for Endpoint, Cloud Applications, and Email with MFA?
  4. How to protect backups from ransomware?
  5. What is a more secure and cost-effective approach to data security and encryption?
  6. What is Application Performance Management (APM) Insights?
  7. How to apply activity monitoring and event management to the VSphere Event Log?
  8. What components must a monitoring solution include?
  9. How to proactively monitor, predict cyber security incidents, and troubleshoot all activities of the information technology system when the business does not have a 24/7 NOC & SOC?
  10. What are the correct bases, methods, and scenarios for implementing plans to ensure business continuity plan?
  11. Is the incident management process understood and applied correctly?
  12. Has your organization issued regulations on information system security in IT & business operations? If it has been issued, what are the grounds for its compilation?
  13. Is your organization already using AI and automation for business service management and IT service management?
  14. How does your organization perform penetration testing, test backups, and switch critical systems from DC to DR and vice versa?
  15. What is the minimum safe way to perform backups of enterprise systems and applications?
  16. How is risk assessment and management for IT and business activities carried out?
  17. How does your business manage identity, access control, and change management?
  18. What are the bases for testing and evaluating an organization that has performed well in controlling the safety and security of IT systems?
  19. How can your business perform a basic security assessment on its own without having a security expert?
  20. How can an IT audit support your business, and how have you performed an IT audit?